ChillX: AutoEgg Litter Box Product Review


Want to give your cat the best litter box? Check out the ChillX: Autoegg litter box, the modern egg-shaped robust and safe design for your cat to do their business in. This in-depth article will examine and review the Auto Egg litter box.

This is our review of the Autoegg litter box by ChillX. 

As a cat owner for 10+ years, I have had my fair share in testing the best litter boxes so my cat can do their business in comfort. But, at the same time, my journey through several litter boxes has concluded that cats are picky creatures. 

ChillX: Autoegg litter box is an above-average litter box that is sure to be the centerpiece in any room.

ChillX is a leading litter box company that merges modern and simplicity to the next level, winning the Cosmo Pet Awards for the best litter box. Where a Cosmopolitan Pet Award Judge said, “This futuristic robot-box scoops poop and may or may not also be able to do my taxes. (Fine, it can’t, but I’m convinced it could learn by next April.)”.

This comprehensive litter box review on the Autoegg litter box will analyze the materials and features of this litter box. We will also discuss potential alternatives for this best litter box from ChillX.

ChillX: Autoegg Litter Box Overview

ChillX AutoEgg is the quieter, safer, and sleek automatic smart litter box. According to ChillX, their goal is to make cat owners’ lives easier by doing the job you don’t want to!

How Does It Work?

The AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box keeps your cat’s litter clean and clump-free while also keeping you informed of your cat’s health statistics. After only 5 minutes after your cat’s potty trip, the Autoegg system starts to work with a safe and silent 70-degree cleaning rake.

The Autoegg traps the waste in a separate compartment leaving dust and an odor-free room. 

Quieter, Deeper, and Safer Self-Cleaning

One of the critical features of AutoEgg is that it provides a quiet/noise-free automatic litter box. High-quality mechanism technology provides the quietest clean possible.

Unlike a typical spinning litter box, the AutoEgg uses a slower horizontal rake cleaning to prevent catching your cat or their tail.

This means that you will get a reliable clean and minimal tray residue.

Health monitor and alert

After each usage, the AutoEgg’s touchscreen display keeps a health log of the date, time, duration, weight, and waste data.

The AutoEgg will flag and record the toilet trip in red if there is an abnormality, such as excrement weighing less than 0.18 oz.

Keeping an eye on their health record and notifications offers you peace of mind that your kitty companion is well and happy.

Choosing the best cat litter

The ChillX company had the most outstanding results with the most popular hard-clumping clay cat litter with smaller particles.

Tidy Cats Instant Action (for more significant clumping) and 24/7 Performance Litter are two cat litter recommended for the Autoegg.

Superior Dust & Odor Control

Compared to typical rotating systems, the AutoEgg’s horizontal rake cleans gently and is dust-free every time.

Furthermore, AutoEgg quickly captures waste in an enclosed drawer after each usage, assisting in rapidly reducing smells.

Fast Adoption

We have noticed at that the most challenging thing for cat owners is introducing a new cat litter or box. Time and patience are required when dealing with a new cat product. Hence, positive results can occur instantly or months down the line.

Easy Setup

Easy setup, meaning find a firm surface, pour litter, enclose the hood, and plug in.

Quick Cleaning & Reassembly

You’re in luck because disassembling the ChillX AutoEgg only takes around 60 seconds.

What precisely is a thorough cleaning?

A deep cleaning entails thoroughly washing all critical components, such as the litter tray, trash drawer, cleaning rake, and tracking pad.

One thing about ChillX is that they provide video instructions to help you get used to the device.

AutoEgg Litter Box: Specs

The litter box dimension is 30L x 19W x 17H. 

The litter box weighs 11 lb. 

AutoEgg supports all forms, from small cats and big cats.

The material is ABS/PP (anti-germ) plastic.

What’s in the package?

When you purchase the ChillX: AutoEgg, you get the unit, a cable, litter scooper, and one roll of 100% biodegradable waste drawer liner.

  • x1 ChillX AutoEgg
  • x1 5V/2A USB Wall Charger with Type-C Cable
  • x1 Litter Scooper
  • x1 Roll of 100% Biodegradable Waste Drawer Liner (Buy Here)

Alternatives to the ChillX: AutoEgg

  • PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Desc: The PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box eliminates waste automatically, so you won’t have to clean, scoop, or refill the box for weeks. Connect it into the nearest outlet and select whether you want the cleaning cycle to begin 5, 10, or 15 minutes after your cat exits the box. The sensor also records how frequently your cat uses the litter box, which may help you monitor their health.

  • Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box

Desc: Automatic litter boxes are unquestionably convenient, but they require an adequate odor-control function without regular maintenance. The Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box System is our top choice for an odor-controlling litter box. Fill the bin with litter and line the connected garbage bin with a small trash bag after plugging it into a wall.

  • Little Maid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Desc: Check out the LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box if you’re looking for a high-quality automated cat box that won’t break the budget. It automatically scoops garbage into a waste receptacle using an attached rake-like instrument, relieving you of digging responsibilities for up to a week.

Final Thoughts

Arguably, the ChillX AutoEgg cat litter box is the best in 2021. The materials and design are sturdy, being built for abuse from your cat. The Autoegg also has a modern design that stands out and adds to any room’s design flawlessly. Overall, the AutoEgg by ChillX is the best litter box in 2021. 

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