10 Popular Different Types of Cats


A cat can be classified as domestic, purebred, or hybrid. Domestic cats do not have a pedigree history that traces their lineage back to their origins, whereas purebred cats do. Hybrid cats are those cats that have been crossbred with wild feline species. The Cat Fanciers’ Association, based in the United States, is the primary pedigree certifying body, and it recognizes 44 distinct purebred cat breeds.

Different types of Cats

These ten cat breeds are the best among cat enthusiasts worldwide, and they are included in no particular order.


Ragdolls are very popular because they tend to relax and go limp in their owner’s arms, hence the name “ragdoll. These cats are devoted to their owners and will follow them from room to room while doing their business. Generally speaking, they are highly tolerant of children and other pets, and they may be rather playful at times. Nevertheless, they have a modest energy level, and many are even willing to go on a leash to get some physical activity.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 12 to 13 inches
  • Average weight: 12 to 20 pounds
  • Coat and color: Blue eyes and a medium-length, silky fur in various hues and patterns
  • Life expectancy: 14 to 15 years

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon’s are among the oldest natural breeds in North America and are noted for their intelligence, liveliness, and large size. They are affectionately referred to as “gentle giants” since they are one of the largest breeds of household cats.

Maine Coons are also famous for their shaggy coats and rugged appearance, distinguishing them from other breeds. Maine Coons can weigh up to 28-30 pounds when fully mature, with females weighing less. 

These gentle giants often reach their full size between the ages of three and five. Maine Coons make for an easy breed to teach people-oriented, lively, and highly bright because of their high intelligence and people orientation. They are also recognized for their canine-like behavior, including following their owners from room to room and coming when called. 

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 15 to 16 inches
  • Average weight: 15 to 30 pounds
  • Coat and color: More than 75 color combinations, including green, gold, or copper eyes, can be found in this long double coat.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years


Persian cats are known for their friendly, laid-back personalities, lovely cheeks, and big eyes. They are gentle, quiet, and gorgeous creatures, making them the most popular cat breed among cat lovers.

Persian cats have been around for a long time. In reality, hieroglyphics date back to 1684 B.C., which was first used in Egypt. Persian cats were given their names because they were thought to have originated in Persia (now Iran), where they were supposedly created. Although the color and body structure of the breed has changed over time, one characteristic has stayed constant: the breed’s thick and fluffy coat. In the ideal situation, Persian cats should be groomed at least once a day to avoid knots and matting of the fur. Persian cats should also be bathed regularly to keep their coats clean and healthy.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 15 to 18 inches
  • Average weight: 8 to 13 pounds
  • Coat and color: Long coats in plain colors (white, black, and cream), shaded, tabby, calico, silver and gold, bi-color, and smoky are available.
  • Life expectancy: 9 to 16 years


Even though they look incredibly identical to their parent breed, the Persian, the exotic, is more popular, most likely because its fur requires no maintenance. Minimum care is needed to keep Exotics healthy and feeling good. It is recommended that you groom your exotic once a week with only one brush thoroughly.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 11 to 12 inches
  • Average weight: 11 to 12 pounds
  • Characteristics: Short legs with a short nose; rounded body
  • Life expectancy: 11 to 13 years

British Shorthair

In the first century A.D., it is believed that the Romans imported the British shorthair to England, where it coexisted and bred with wild cats native to the country. Many years later, the British shorthair was crossed with Persian cats, which resulted in a modest change in the cat’s appearance and an increase in the thickness of its fur.

Not only is it one of the most popular cat breeds, but it is also frequently chosen for television appearances, in movies, and even in literature, among other things. For example, the cat featured in numerous Whiskas brand advertisements is a British shorthair, which you may know.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 13 to 14 inches
  • Average weight: 9 to 17 pounds
  • Physical characteristics: Large head; well-balanced body; round eyes
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years 

American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat is known as “America’s breed” because of its appearance. The first cats of this species were introduced to North America with early immigrants from Europe. The American shorthair has become a household favorite in recent years. It is consistently ranked as one of the top ten best cat breeds in the world. 

The breed has a reasonably steady temperament, a pleasant personality, and vital intelligence, among other characteristics. Another example of the shorthair’s peaceful character is its ability to get along with other pets and its delicate demeanor around children. As a result, a shorthaired cat is considered the best companion for a household with children that works full time.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 9 to 10 inches
  • Average weight: 9 to 15 pounds
  • Physical characteristics: Athletic build; dense and short coat
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 16 years

Devon Rex

When you look at this whimsical-looking breed, it just makes you want to smile. You’ll never be alone, either, because the Devon rex is adamant about staying with its owner. They are hungry for attention, and it is difficult not to give in to their charming appearance!

The interaction with humans, other dogs, and toys is the most enriching experience for this rowdy breed, so be sure to give a stimulating environment and avoid leaving them alone for long periods.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 11 to 12 inches
  • Average weight: 7 to 9 pounds
  • Coat and color: Short, wavy, fine coat that is solid color, tabby, and shady.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years


The Abyssinian cat, often known as the Aby, is a playful and energetic feline. Many Abyssinians are even fond of water, and the majority of them will spend their days climbing and exploring around your yard and garden. So prepare yourself to provide plenty of interactive play for an Aby, and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of devotion from this creature.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 9 to 10 inches
  • Average weight: 9 to 13 pounds
  • Coat and color: Fur coat made of short haired reddish-orange agouti fur with light and dark coloration; additional colors that can be found include cinnamon, fawn, and blue.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years

Scottish Fold

While the Scottish fold is often characterized by ears that fold forward (a genetic abnormality), the odd kitten will have completely straight ears. Scottish fold kittens are typically born with straight ears, which gradually bend forward over a few months. These cats are loving and easygoing in general, and they are adaptable to a variety of living circumstances and environments. They prefer the companionship of their favorite people and enjoy a friendly game of fetch.

Breed Overview:

  • Average height: 8 to 11 inches
  • Average weight: 6 to 13 pounds
  • Physical characteristics: Large, round eyes; folded ears; round body
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years


This hairless, wrinkled wonder, with large ears and eyes as well as prominent cheekbones, is one of the most recent cat breeds to be on the scene. According to the Canadian Federation of Animals, the first Sphynx originated in Canada in 1966. Lack of hair is a genetic aberration that happens around once in 15 years due to Mother Nature’s intervention.

Since then, the Sphynx has been crossed with regular shorthair cats and then struck with hairless cats to develop a genetically sound and healthy cat breed. Many cat enthusiasts have taken notice of the species because of its distinctive appearance. Despite its rarity, it has recently risen to the top of the list of most sought-after cats in the United States. They are exuberant, humorous, and playful, and they enjoy being the center of attention at all times. 

Sphynx cats require special care because their skin is exposed, and they must be sheltered from the weather. However, that does not preclude them from going out; it simply means they should not reside outside.

Breed Overview: 

  • Average height: 8 to 11 inches
  • Average weight: 7 to 12 pounds
  • Coat and color: Black, hairless with white, chocolate, lavender, red, tabby, calico, pointed, tortoiseshell, and mink colors
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 16 years


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