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We’re always on the lookout for original material — as long as it’s about cats! We want to hear from you, whether you’re an industry veteran who wants to share your knowledge or a college student with a fresh viewpoint.

Please go over this entire page; it should answer any questions you may have regarding the types of articles we accept.

GUEST POST – Why you should write for us?

– This is a do-follow blog thus you’ll get a do-follow backlink to your site.
– Gain authority in the internet community.
– Free visitors to your blog/website, Facebook page, or Google+ profile.
– Expand your social circle.
– We’ll share your blog article for free on our social media channels.
– Free featured post on homepage.

Each potential article has editorial fee. This is due to our high standards for quality articles. Each article should follow a particular format and this requires an editor.

Requirements for article

We do not accept spam, so please submit a unique article. If you use another website, make sure to credit it in your post’s resource area. Please ensure that any image you use in either a free stock photo or a paid stock photo is credited to the creator in the post’s resource section. These rules and guidelines are in place to ensure that we only supply high-quality content and that our website meets the highest possible standards.

– Keep your article short, sweet and to the point
– Use proper headings and formatting
– Every blog post should be original content and should NOT be published anywhere else on the web(including your own blog/website)
– A minimum of 1000 words in the length
– Use good blog etiquette, such as avoiding inflammatory, controversial, or defamatory language. Include at least one image/screenshot that complements the post.
– There should only be one anchor text backlink to your site.

NOTE: We have the right to refuse or change any post at any time without previous notice. We reserve the right to make changes to the content to correct grammatical and structural problems.

Now… What to do next:

If you have read the guidelines and you ready to talk more about topics, send an email with a pitch regarding the guest post to “matt@personalcat.com”. We will try to respond back to you in the next 1-2 business days.